10 thoughts on “MUSIC: DJ A.B -MY WOMAN”

  1. DJ Abba is Something Else WTF!..OMG!..I am Just Out of Words But This Guy is Talented Asf, Tbh the only Competition he have in Africa is Nasty C what a Bad Ass Talent My Woman is Dope #Salute #MuchLove

  2. Another killer, Su Baba really appreciate, Wannan Abu Haka ⚡⚡⚡. Already on repeat, keep it up, “I’m a gentleman, will u be my woman” ♥️

  3. Okay i just have to salute you DJ Ab

    To be honest your jams are so overwhelming never saw this coming bro

    Mad jam, great beat with good audio quality

    Keep rolling Babban Yaya.

  4. this is just what naija is waiting for and is done by our arewa overrated artiste. This music is dope lit . Keep it up Men we Love it respect

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