Abdulhafiz Abdullahi popularly know as Feezy, is a Nigerian recording artist, rapper, producer, song writer,cartoon animator, director and a cinematographer. He is Hausa-fulani and he grew up in Kaduna (Northern part of Nigeria); Raised in a family where everyone plays an important role in computer-related professions and entertainment. Feezy learnt everything he knows about music and cinematography at home together with his brothers and some friends at a very young age. Although he is young, he is one of the most talented people in the northern Nigeria, given that he is exclusively good is everything he does. All of his songs are produced, mixed and mastered by himself . Young Feezy is currently studying Bsc. computer science, which is a fragment of his passions.

In 2015, Feezy along with Geeboy & Wiz Mo, released a song “An fara physics” that was the first song that uplifted his fame all through Arewa. In this song, they expressed their secondary school experience in subjects like physics, mathematics and English in a very funny and exciting way that made everyone like it.

In 2016, he release an album “Feelings” with 12 songs composed in genres including RnB, Dancehall, Pop, Afropop and Soul. Which created a massive quake in the northern music industry, leading to an outburst of entirely new fans all over the north.

In 2017, he dropped another album “Tune In” containing 10 tracks in a completely different style. Tune in album is, and has been trending ever since the release. It is composed of very catchy and melodious songs in genres like; pop, afro, dancehall, soul, rap and hiphop.